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Monthly Freezer Meal Delivery

 Here's how it works:  

1. Check out the seasonal menu below.

2. Choose the meal package that works best for you

(the package options are below the menu).

3. Order by date specified using the order form below (beside the menu).

Each meal comes with a main dish and a side dish.

4. Meals will be delivered once a month on the specified date.

5. Heat & eat (digital reheating instructions are found right here!  In the link at the top of the page).

6. Enjoy feelings of joy, contentment and satisfaction.

Monthly menu and packages are below.

Order Deadline:  Tuesday, May 18

(This month is just entrees - no sides)

Order Delivery:  Thursday, June 4


Chicken Soup

Shredded chicken, onions, carrots, & celery in a chicken broth that will make you feel better just smelling it.  (DF, GF, Paleo, W30)


Creole Soup

Andouille sausage, onions, bell peppers and celery with red beans and okra in a zesty tomato and chicken broth.  YUM! 

(DF, GF)

Italian Wedding Soup

With chicken meatballs, carrots and spinach in a savory chicken broth. (DF, GF, Paleo, W30)


In hearty 2 person servings.  Families of 3 & 4 will receive 2.  There is an $8 upcharge for families of 3.

(Can be cooked from frozen)

Beef Lasagna

My mom's recipe.  Layers of beefy, cheesy, savory goodness.  


Individual Meatlaoves

Traditional, comforting yumminess.  Made with oatmeal as a binder instead of flour.  (GF, DF)  

Chicken & Broccoli Casserole

A creamy chicken and broccoli filling layered with rice.  Topped with shredded cheddar.  

Fresh Produce


FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $100.  $10 delivery fee on those less than $100.

2 person:  
4 meals - $70;  6 meals - $105;  8 meals - $136

3 person: 
4 meals - $105; 6 meals - 157.50; 8 meals - 204

4 person:  
4 meals - $140;  6 meals - $210;  8 meals - $272

5 person: 
4 meals - 175; 6 meals - 262.5; 8 meals - $340

Order Here

Thanks so much for your order!  I will be in touch about payment and delivery.  

My wife and I agree...this is the best jambalaya EVER! 

- JW, Raleigh NC

What people are saying!

My kiddo loves the lasagna...even more than her grandmother's.  

- KS, Lillington NC

My husband went crazy over your enchiladas!  

- NWH, Raleigh NC

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