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freezer meal parties

3 awesome ways to get your

freezer meal party ON!



What is a freezer meal party, you ask?


A group of people gathering (so fun!) to create meals to put in their freezers which will make their lives a little easier (hooray!). 


Now what if someone (me!)

would do the hard part:

1. menu planning (see below for menu options)*

2. grocery shopping

3. much of the meal prep

4. assembly instructions and coordination 

5. labels

6. reheating instructions

7. clean up! 


Which leaves the fun part to you:

1. gathering

2. some meal prep & meal assembly  

3. bringing home tasty freezer meals

4. later pulling out said meals

5. feelings of joy

For all of my non-central NC friends, or those of you who would like to host a party

on your own,

I have some incredible freezer meal party kits! Click here

Freezer Meal Pricing: 

$129 per family + cost of groceries**

(Hostess gets a free meal)

Minimum of 4 & Maximum of 6 participants

Price includes:

1. 6 entrees and 6 coordinating sides (per family)

2. menu planning (coordinating multiple families' food

3. preferences & sensitivities) 

4. grocery shopping

5. much of the food prep

6. food prep instructions

7. meal assembly instructions

8. labels

9. reheating instructions

10. clean up

A freezer meal party is a fully participatory event for you and your friends!  Everyone gets to jump in, get her hands a little dirty, and learn a thing or two in the process.  

I encourage you to bring your own packaging

(I will instruct you on what to bring). 

If you would like me to provide packaging it is an additional $10 per participant.  

*Many recipes can be tailored to fit dietary restrictions, food allergies, and food preferences.  Together we can put together the perfect menu for you.

​Also, if you have a hankering for something you don't see, I’ll bet we can make it happen!  

**I have memberships at Costco and Restaurant Depot.  Buying in bulk keeps costs down.  If you want all organic, etc. I can do that too!

Traditional Freezer Meal Party
Vegetable Basket
Fruit Market

To book a freezer meal party click here!



If you want all of the awesomeness of freezer meals without

the prep and assembly, this is for you!!  Plus hostess can earn FREE MEALS (see below). 


Here is how it works:

1. Book a party date.

2. Choose 3 meals.

(Check out the meal options below or

let me come up with a custom menu for you.)

3. Invite all of your friends.

4. I do all of the cooking and show up at hostess's house

with delicious freezer meals - ready made.

5. Enjoy merriment and sample yummy freezer meals.

6. Friends are able to buy ready made meals to take home,

causing future feelings of JOY

when said meals are taken out of freezer and cooked!

7. Hostess receives FREE freezer meals

based on amount of meals sold.  Yet more JOY!!

Pop Up Party

To book a pop up freezer meal party click here!


Everything you need to kick off your freezer meal party.

To check out the freezer meal party plan kits click here.

Ready to book a party or have questions?

menu options

Thanks! Message sent.

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