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new diet protocol support

Starting a new diet protocol can feel overwhelming. 

I have been there.  What can you eat?  Will it taste good? 

And, seriously, how much kale can one person take? 

Just Table It offers two services to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of what you can now put on your plate. 

As a huge kale enthusiast, I will help you figure out how to make healthy food taste good! 

Who's going to stick to a diet that tastes like sawdust and grass? 


1.  A 2 hour one-on-one class to walk you through how to prep food for the week and 3 go-to recipes to get you started.

One hour will be spent at the grocery store, another hour will be spent learning some fun chef-y tricks to make food prep easier.

$165 + cost of groceries

2. Personal Chef Service. 

With the personal chef meal service you will find delicious,

nutritious meals in your fridge or freezer, 

ready to heat & eat! 

(No food prep or clean up required.)

Click here for more details.    

  Want to talk more about your new diet protocol?


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