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If you could eat delicious, healthy food without investing a ton of time and effort, how would that change your life? 


What if I told you that this is possible without a intensive prep day and complicated recipes?  

Friend, you already possess the power to nourish yourself in a super tasty way! 

Let's tap into it!

Awesome ways to let the grocery store do the work for you.  Most of the time these products do not have added preservatives or chemicals (but be sure to check!)...they are just ways that some of the work is already done! I try to get organic when I can.  


Pre-cut broccoli

Pre-cut cauliflower


Peeled garlic (but NOT already minced & jarred), 

Pico de Gallo

Marinara (be sure to check that there is no added sugar.  There are some awesome marinaras that have only whole food ingredients)

Mayo (look for the paleo friendly or whole30 symbol!)

This is where I do a little work myself.  




(There are actually some healthy, whole food sauces, dressings and spreads out there (but boy oh boy A LOT of them are just full of yuck that you do not want to put in your bodies)...and honestly nothing beats one that is homemade - and these are what MAKE your meal

Bone Broth

Meat Stock

Minced Garlic

Minced Ginger


Spice Mixes

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